Non-Juneathon entry 2021

As a stalwart supporter of both "Janathon" and "Juneathon", I found myself bowing out of this year's Janathon quite unceremoniously. Actually, I rushed offstage in an attempt to stop my head from exploding. Every time I moved it felt as if I was going to die. Which I might have done, had I not realised … Continue reading Non-Juneathon entry 2021

Not like that – Janathon 2021, Day 30

Life was rolling on just as normal today in my household. Dog-dog has recently become insistent that he is a lap-dog. However we don't have laps for him to sit on. I certainly don't. My stomach is nearly a country unto itself. But Dog-dog is nothing if not resourceful. He has decided that a "lap" … Continue reading Not like that – Janathon 2021, Day 30