Juneathon 2015, Day 1 – The Liverton Mines Loop

This is my first ever blog, and my first ever attempt at completing Juneathon which is “an annual festival of activity and excuses.”
The initial idea behind Juneathon was simple: Run every day, and blog every day. I’m going to utterly fail: because I can’t even run 10 metres. However, the rules have expanded to included people like me and running is now not a pre-requisite of completing the thing. I am going to see if I can just exercise “somehow” every day for a month.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
I’m not so sure…

Thanks have to go to Thegreatdave1971 whose Juneathon (and Janathon) exploits have peppered my Facebook wall over the past few years.

Day 1 of Juneathon, was completed with aplomb.
I decided to head out for a walk.
Careful preparations were made: I decided that I’d head out along the back road as it was unsurfaced and very uneven, that meant that upon my return (when tired) I’d be able to walk along the easier front road.


When I reached the back road it had magically turned into a perfectly flat, tarmacked street! No wonder mum had laughed when I’d told her my plans.
I managed the 275m along the back road more easily than expected and didn’t have to stop once. But I was on the lookout for somewhere to sit at the halfway stage. And there, just where I needed it was a lovely brick wall to sit on. I very nearly got pinned between a street sign and an electricity box, but managed to get back up and start on the return leg without too much difficulty. At this point I did think about adding extra mileage to my journey, but half of the way back down the street I was very glad I hadn’t when my knee buckled as I stepped off the pavement to avoid a group of spotty youths.

(If I accomplish the loop again I will post photos of some of the more interesting aspects. There was a chicken which was too quick to capture and a lovely view of the sea as I arrived home, which I was too tired to capture.)

The Liverton Mines Loop = 550m, 1,480 steps, difficulty rating: intermediate
Total steps taken today: 2,710


8 thoughts on “Juneathon 2015, Day 1 – The Liverton Mines Loop

      1. It was meant as a compliment! I know many people who, if their legs/arms/little finger weren’t working well would use that as a reason not to bother!!
        I not sure inventiveness was the right word but it was the one I had to hand 🙂

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