Juneathon 2015, Day 2 – Dumbbell Day

I was incredibly tired today, and my knees were rather inflamed after yesterday’s exertion so I thought that some weights would be a good way to exercise. This would have been no problem if I was at home, but I’m staying at my mum’s for a fortnight. I thought I’d spotted some dumbbells lying around in a dusty corner of her house. And yes! There they were.
I think I got more exercise searching and retrieving them than actually using them though. They aren’t very heavy.

Day 2 saw me exercise by lifting 3kg weights for half an hour.

Because I haven’t got a seat strong enough to take that sort of action and I can’t stand for half an hour, I was lying in bed. I did my best to attempt a variety of movements and speeds and I’m certain that I looked a right sight. But hey, it was exercise! And exercise that I wouldn’t have done had it not been for Juneathon. So thank you Juneathon.

Oh, and when I awoke a couple of hours later I was cuddling two dumbbells.

Dumbbell Day = 1,000 x 3kg, difficulty rating: easy
Total steps taken today: 2,119 steps


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