Juneathon 2015, Day 3 – Dumbbell & Bed Day

I’d hoped that another walk would be in store for me today. But, no. For some reason, I was even more tired than yesterday.
But Juneathon waits for no man. And I knew that if I attempted to head out for a walk, that I would probably wake up several hours later stiff and very cold, beside that lovely wall/electric box that I mentioned on Day 1. But I knew that some exercise had to be done.
I wasn’t happy with the dumbbell routine yesterday. I may as well have been flapping sheets of paper around for all the good it seemed to be doing me. So, I had another look in that dusty corner of mum’s. A lot of sneezing ensued; but I did find a 5kg dumbbell lurking right at the back.

So Day 3 of Juneathon saw me lying in bed lifting up a 5kg weight for half an hour. Once again I attempted a variety of different movements. They probably all have technical terms such as “thenumberonewayyoushouldnotliftadumbbell”. But it was only when I started to do arm curls that I felt any burn at all. And that burn was in my feet! I think that they were on fire because I’d managed to pump blood to them.

I’ve always been an active person, but unfortunately I had an extremely bad reaction to one of my medications late last year. It left me virtually bed-ridden during last November through to January. My muscles seemed to waste away. Thankfully most of my strength has now returned, but my knees are still extremely weak. I thought that some knee exercise would be a good idea today too. So I spent half an hour lying in bed lifting my knees up and down.

Bed excersicesMe, lying in bed, doing my exercises (not to scale)

Dumbbell & Bed Day: 5kg dumbbells x 0.5hrs, difficulty rating: easy
lifting legs in bed x 0.5hrs, difficulty rating: intermediate

Total steps taken today: 2,146 steps


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