Juneathon 2015, Day 5 – Rodding

I never thought when I started this blog about my Juneathon exertions that I’d be talking about my exploits involving inspection chambers, rodding and carrying the contents of the inspection chamber around.

But, as it was my main form of exercise today I shall write about it.

Day 5 of Juneathon saw me giving my calf muscles some really good stretches as I sat on the ground and inspected the inspection chamber. There was then a lovely little upper body workout using the brand new rods that mum had bought for the job. The workout became more intense when I decided to use the “plunger” instead of the “twisty-grabber” attachment. But I soldiered on with the workout.
The only point at which I felt that things were getting a bit too much was when we decided to empty the inspection chamber and I accidentally got in the way of a spray of flying effluent.
My legs gave way on the 3rd trip to the roses at the bottom of the garden. I was just glad that I had an empty bucket at that particular point. As I was surprised to be able to take the weight of the full bucket anywhere, I felt an extreme sense of satisfaction whilst lying there sprawled on the grass. Unfortunately the drain isn’t unclogged yet, so this exercise day might have to be repeated.

And then I managed to fit in half an hour of leg lifts. A superb day of interesting exercises.

Bed excersices

Rodding day: 12 rods used in total,  Leg lifts – 05.hrs, difficulty rating: intermediate

Total steps today: 1,452     (This is an underestimate as removed my fitness band for safety reasons. 😉 )


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