Juneathon 2015, Day 6 – Scaling Dam walk

This has been my favourite day of Juneathon so far. So I’m going to straight into describing it.

Day 6 of Juneathon saw me exercising by walking beside part of Scaling Dam. It’s a reservoir in North Yorkshire which allows permit holding fishermen and small watercraft. It is bordered on most sides by SSSIs (Sites of Special, Scientific Interest) and from 4pm on Saturday of last week has a doggy themed geocaching series running along it too.

My hope today was that I would be able to attempt to find the first two caches in the series. Unfortunately the wind was high today and I knew that the attempt to find the caches might have to be abandoned if it was gusting in the wrong direction.

As luck would have it, the wind was very good to us today. It didn’t rain whilst we were plodding along either. So that was a great bonus.

2015 06 Scaling DamScaling Dam, showing the route we took

It was wonderful to be walking along beside the moors again. I successfully managed to forget that I was walking along a wooden boardwalk and just enjoyed the natural beauty around me.


I also managed to forget the current situation with my knees. So when the opportunity to take a snapshot of a delicate little orchid arose, I was down and off the boardwalk before I could stop to think how on earth I was going to manage to clamber back up again.


Selfie time

Thankfully my partner in crime was there to pull me back up.


And to tell me to pick up my pace,


And to generally enjoy the walk with me.

We managed to find both geocaches. And they weren’t your ordinary clip-lock boxes/ film containers. One is the dog at the top of this blog post. And the other was so sweet that I really don’t want to give anything away about it. It’s caches like this that make geocaching so worthwhile 😀

Scaling Dam walk: 1.2km walk, difficulty level: intermediate

Steps taken today:  5,065 😀


3 thoughts on “Juneathon 2015, Day 6 – Scaling Dam walk

  1. I have never tried geocaching…It sounds intriguing!!

    I have to say your blog (which I am reading backwards for some reason,..) is making me want to go to Yorkshire!!

    Not in a creepy stalker way I promise!!
    I grew up in Hull an spent a lot of tie in and around the North York Moors as a child! I now miss it! Sussex is not the same!!


    1. I know the feeling. But not about Yorkshire sadly. I grew up in Wales and went to live in the Highlands of Scotland where I spent most of my time missing Wales. I’ve now returned to Wales and yearn to be back in Scotland.

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