Juneathon 2015, Day 7 – Liverton Mines Loop

I thought today would be a complete flop with regards to attempting any exercise for Juneathon. But surprisingly, at the last moment I gained a spurt of energy and headed out to retry the superb “Liverton Mines Loop” that I did on Day 1.  This walk takes me along the back alley of 20 Victorian cottages built for housing the local ironstone miners. The back alley is very pleasant, with views over to the now grassy tump, where the iron works once stood.

I managed to head out on Day 7 at roughly sunset. I’d hoped to capture a picture of the chicken that I saw last time. But I think that she’d probably gone to bed. Instead I took a photo of the striking blue shed that I spotted her rootling beside on Day 1.


Looking Seaward along Cleveland Street

And then I turned the corner and walked back along the front of the road. I diced with death before I made my way back by standing in the middle of the road to take the picture looking out to sea. It is there, on the horizon. Immediately behind the headlights of the car that decided to use the street as a runway.

So, no picture of the Liverton Mines chicken; but one heck of a photo containing an ocean vista. You win some, you lose some.

Liverton Mines Loop Day: 600m, 1,880 steps, difficulty rating: easy (hmm… it was intermediate last time… 🙂 )

Total steps taken today: 3,285


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