Juneathon 2015, Day 8 – A day of a little bit of everything

I’ve been incredibly pleased with how well Juneathon has gone so far. arriving at Day 8 with no “days off” seems quite an achievement. I realise that I’m not doing as much as most people. But to my mind, that isn’t the point. The point is that I am exercising above what my daily routine would normally lead me to do.

So, I shall try to describe today. Being a Night Owl, I spent most of the morning sleeping and generally flouncing about trying not to do anything at all. Finally mum coerced me into trying some more drain rodding. Not only had she bought some new drain rods, but she’d bought some turquoise marigolds. Yellow just isn’t my colour 😉

24 rods later, and quite a good upper body workout, and we’d discovered that the blockage was outside the boundaries of mum’s property. Yippee! I had not really wanted to face pulling out the remains of a badly decomposed sewer rat. Sitting next to that pong and pulling rods in and out for an hour was bad enough. I think I caught a bit of a tan as I was sitting in glorious sunshine the whole time. I hate to think what my face looks like now though…

At that point I decided that I wasn’t quite worn out enough for it to be considered enough exercise for Juneathon so I headed out to the front of the building to wash mum’s windows. She can’t raise her arms above chest level without being in considerable pain, so these windows don’t get cleaned very often. In fact, I don’t think that they’ve been washed in roughly the 4 years that her shoulders have been that painful.

I got stuck in. And then I got stuck. After 2 out of 5 windows my knees were doing their “we’re not going to hold you up!” routine. “We refuse to let you move any more!” they were screaming at me. There’s never any pain, it just gets harder and harder to move the blighters. But I’d started, so by golly I was going to finish!

That’s the problem with me: I’m a little stubborn. Actually I’m VERY stubborn.
The dirt on those windows and their surrounds was also stubborn.
There was only one thing for it: a cunning plan.

Out came the hose pipe. The windows may not be the cleanest ones along the street, but they’re a darn sight cleaner than they were. And… And I think I rather impressed the gentlemen who came to unclog the sewer with their lorry and sucky-hose thing, with my impression of someone who’d entered a wet t-shirt competition 😀

And after they’d sorted out the blockage I collapsed for the day.
Or rather: I would have collapsed for the day, had mum not then said “A new geocache has just been published”


Taken from “Ground Zero” of the new geocache

A day of a little bit of everything: 20 x rods, 5 x windows, difficulty rating: intermediate/hard
Total steps taken today: 3,548


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