Juneathon 2015, Day 10 – Lazy Day

After yesterday’s Diet Coke run I was prepared to have a reasonably lazy day today. What I did not expect was to have my knees knock together every time I attempted to stand up. The exertion of returning from the shop laden down with four bottles of coke must have really been too much.

So, I had a lovely day, lazing about in the garden, sunbathing and crocheting. Oh, and worrying about mum, who’d had to pop off to A&E because of a sudden onset of “floaters” in her left eye, and bright flashing lights. With there being the possibility of a detached retina she had to go to A&E to get her eye checked. I was rather worried about her driving the 18 miles to the hospital with black tadpole like things swimming across her field of vision. But when she returned home the old trout seemed to not have had any major accidents along the way, so that’s fine. Oh, and she’s got to return in a fortnight because they couldn’t spot anything wrong.

Day 10 of Juneathon saw me doing some exercises which didn’t involve standing up. So, the now normal in bed leg lifts were completed. But today I managed to do them for an entire hour.

Leg liftsLeg Lifts

And then I pushed myself by using the 5kg dumbbell that I found a few days ago to do some arm lifts and bicep curls.

2015 06 5kg dumbbell

5kg dumbbell

10 minutes into the workout I suddenly realised where the partner to this dumbbell was. And no, I wouldn’t be able to get it. It’s probably still where I left it 4 years ago: in the bushes in a military zone in Greece. Well, I assume it was a military zone: men clad in fatigues and holding large guns kept driving past in camouflage-coloured jeeps.

Mum and I had driven to Turkey (sleeping in the back of the car) and I had every intention of exercising using the dumbbell. But the only exercise I only seemed to have with it was to lift it in and out of the car when I was trying to get bits. So one day I got utterly fed up and erm… left it in some bushes. I don’t normally litter. I was just fed up of lugging the thing around. I know. It doesn’t excuse the fact that I didn’t put it in a bin 😦

Germany 20100701 (2)
Kangoo-camping 4 years ago

Lazy Day: 1 hour of Leg Lifts, 20 minutes of arm lifts. Difficulty level: intermediate
Total Steps taken: 1,302


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