Juneathon 2015, Day 11 – Geocaching around Whitby

I managed to get to Whitby today.

Day 11 of Juneathon saw me exercising by helping mum check on a few of her geocaches and then we went a bit further afield to hunt for someone else’s caches.

Geocaching is an adult’s treasure hunt using GPSrs. Nowadays it can be done by anyone using their smartphone by downloading one of several free apps. I started roughly four years ago and have found it to be a really enjoyable hobby. One of the things I love about it, is that you get to see places you’d have never seen if it were not for being taken there whilst hunting for Geocaches. I started whilst I lived in Inverness. I’d already lived there 9 years. But after 6 months of finding little plastic boxes and magnetic key safes hidden all over the city, I had seen more of its wonderful nooks and crannies than in the previous 9 years.

So, today was a walking day. We didn’t really walk very far each time, but it all added up. The view of Whitby Abbey is from one of the caches that mum owns. It was gorgeous there today.


A view of Whitby, from near Whitby Abbey


An example of a Geocache

Geocaching around Whitby Day: Geocaching.
Total Steps taken: 6,978


2 thoughts on “Juneathon 2015, Day 11 – Geocaching around Whitby

  1. I’ve only just been reading your blog, today, but I’ve enjoyed the honesty and variety of activities.
    I’ve not read in order, mind you, but I love that you swim in ‘slimey’ rivers and do a spot of geocaching. I still like a walk for its own sake, but if I am somewhere new it will strangely usually involve a route of geocaches.
    Keep up the good work! 😊

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  2. Awww Whitby Abby!! I went there on a school trip!!

    Geocaching really does look awesome! It looks like a fantastic way to explore an area in a way you would never have done otherwise!!

    Oooh I feel a new thing coming on!!
    Awesome way to up the step count too!! You are do right about lots of little walks adding up 😀

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