Juneathon 2015, Day 13 – A topsy turvy day

Day 13 already!
I’m heading home to Wales tomorrow.

Here in Yorkshire today, I had very little get-up-and-go so I defaulted to half an hour of lying-in-bed-watching-Netflix leg lifts. On other days when I’ve done this I’ve been a true multi-tasker by crocheting as well. But as I said: I was not very energetic today.

Leg lifts

Leg lifts

And then, because I thought that really was a cop out, I looked for something else to do. I thought about doing some step ups. Then I wimped out.
And then I wondered if I could manage any sit ups. Looking around, I couldn’t see anything that I’d be able to hook my feet underneath in order to help me. The pieces of furniture I could see, are so light, that if I wasn’t very careful they’d just be flung around the room. So.. I was looking for something heavy…

10 minutes later the old trout was persuaded to sit on my feet. It didn’t take much persuasion. But it did take a fair bit of manoeuvering to get us both on the floor in an upright position. I couldn’t believe it when I managed my first sit up. Mum (‘cos she used to be a P.E. teacher) told me that I was doing it wrong. Apparently this is called constructive criticism. She said something about grapes and oranges whilst I slowly flopped back on to the floor.

Whilst on my 2nd sit up I caught a bit more of the reprimand. I should supposedly have room for a grape between my chin and my chest. In most peoples’ cases this would be an orange. But due to the large amount of fat I carry – she’d be happy with a grape, in order to not stress my neck.
On my 3rd sit up, I complied with the woman who was still sitting on my feet. But this time I thought to ask which parts of my body should be feeling the ‘burn’ at the moment.
the 4th sit up led me to suggest that I was doing the flipping exercise completely incorrectly as nothing felt strained. Other than my knees which felt as if they were about to BURST!
And that was when the old trout suggested I tried the sit ups with my legs flat on the floor. Well, that was so much better. My knees suddenly stopped being painful and I actually managed a full sit up because my stomach didn’t stop me half of the way up. Sometimes she’s bloomin’ clever!

I managed 30 sit-ups and only had to stop because I could see that mum was getting worn out holding my legs down.

The main blog post picture is my view from the start of the sit-ups

A topsy turvy day: 0.5hrs x leg lifts, 30 sit-ups
Total steps taken: 1,575


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