Outwell Birdland 4E

Juneathon 2015, Day 15 – Tent Erection

(Written on 22nd June)

No, I have not given up with Juneathon. I’ve just been hampered by the fact that I jetted off camping with my mother to deepest darkest Pembrokeshire where the mobile phone signal is intermittent and the chance to add lovely, pretty photos to a blog would be impossible. And I rather like adding photos to my Juneathon entries (pretty, or otherwise).
So, I decided to jot down rough notes of the day’s Juneathon activities and write them up upon my return.

Here goes:

Day 15‘s Juneathon activity was to erect the tent on the campsite.

I’m quite used to putting up tents. Mum and I reckon it’s a toss up between the number of nights I’ve spent in tents and the number of hot dinners I’ve had. Like I say: I’m used to putting up tents.

I’ve owned 8 different tents in my life. But all of them, except this, have been lightweight backpacking tents. This massive thing was bought through necessity, because I need far more room now to manoeuvere and to actually get up from the ground.

I’ve camped in it once before, but my lovely sister put it up for me because I really couldn’t have managed it at that stage.

So… I was ecstatic when I actually managed to get it all pegged up and ready for the week’s camping session.

(I did probably look very strange as a lot of rolling & crawling was involved to stop any overuse of my knees.)

Tent Erection Day: 1 hour of tent erection, difficulty level: very hard
Total Steps taken: 7,562


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