Juneathon 2015, Day 16 – Swimming

Today I saw a kingfisher!
It was amazing.

I’ve been to this particular campsite several times and it is truly stunning. It borders on the tidal estuary of the Cleddau in Pembrokeshire. And apart from the 4 separate camping fields overlooking the water as it ebbs and flows, the campsite is set in 23 acres of ancient quarries, little meadows, patches of woodland and my favourite: two saltwater lagoons.

When I first came I was very unsure about swimming in the murky water. But it’s always so warm. And I’m a water baby at heart: I can’t help but want to swim in every patch of water I come across. Oh, and there’s the fact that at the moment my body stops aching when it’s in the water.

So the activity for Day 16 of Juneathon was swimming.

Tything Barn swimming

An aerial view of the campsite showing today’s swims

I swam one loop and back in the lagoon and then later, as the tide was in, I went for a dip in the estuary. I would have swum for a little longer, but two swans started to make their way slowly towards me. I really didn’t want to have a fight with swans. So I made a hasty retreat.

If all exercising was as pleasant as today’s then no one would ever go a day without exercising.

Swimming Day: 1 loop and back of lagoon – 500m, Laps on estuary – 200m
Total Steps taken: 4,756
Difficulty level: intermediate


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