Dog Rose

Juneathon 2015, Day 17 – Walking and Swimming

You may have gathered by now that walking any sort of distance is quite hard for me. What you may not have gathered, is that I loathe shopping. I’ve never particularly enjoyed the activity, but now that I’m unable to stand for very long, or walk very fast, I hate it.
One thing I really can’t understand is why people seem so unable to see the 23 stone woman with a stick hobbling towards them. Am I really invisible? Or have they not grasped the fundamental nature of physics that dictates that if there is a solid 23 stone object in front of you, the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to walk straight through it?!
(And no, I don’t intentionally get in peoples’ way.) (well, not often.)

Where was I?
Oh, yes: We had to go food shopping. So I walked miserably around a massive Tescos.

And then the old Trout cheered me up by saying that we could go geocaching.

A few “cache and dashes” later (geocaches that are close to the road) and the exercise for Day 17 of Juneathon was nearly complete. But as I said yesterday: if there be water, there do be a fair chance of me jumping in. So, after a short spell of sunbathing I was back in the lagoon. This time I swam “the bridge loop”.

The Bridge loop

The Bridge Loop

Walking and Swimming Day: Tescos, Geocaching, The bridge loop – 350m
Total Steps Taken: 7,177
Difficulty level: intermediate


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