How many steps?

Juneathon 2015, Day 20 – 8,000 steps?

Back in April I bought an UP24 fitness tracker in order to motivate myself to walk around a bit more than I had been during the winter. So far it’s worked really well. I’d set a daily goal of 2,000 steps which is easily achievable on a good day, but is not too onerous to attempt on one of my bad days. During Juneathon though I’ve been watching my step count rise considerably. And today: my last full day at the campsite, seemed the ideal day to try to try to achieve a count of 8,000 steps.

The weather was brilliant. And my legs were okay. But today neither of my devices felt like syncing properly with my fitness band. The syncing is always a bit iffy when I’m not connected to the internet. But normally it manages to show an up to date tally. Today though, when I wanted an accurate count? Not on your nelly!

I basically kept wandering around until I couldn’t any longer, and hoped that I’d managed it.
Rowing boats

Oh and I went for a swim (of course). I found a child in a boat and persuaded her that it would be lots of fun to be towed around the bridge loop of the lagoon. She seemed to enjoy it. I think her mother was slightly concerned when I accidentally towed the boat and myself into the weeds and emerged from the water looking like a slime monster. But, I can assure you, her child was quite safe. I think.

8,000 steps? Day – The bridge loop of the lagoon (towing a boat) – 350m, Endless walking,
Total steps taken: 8,364!
Difficulty level: hard


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