Recumbent Bike

Juneathon 2015, Day 23 – My Old Faithful

I bought my lovely recumbent bicycle back in 2005, and it has certainly served me faithfully for the past decade.
Back in 2012 it started to make grinding noises, but a stern talking to seemed to help (that, and the massive jolt I gave it when I accidentally fell over it one day) and it’s been fine since. It has pride of place in my living room and is set up so that I can comfortably watch programs on my computer. However, due to the amount of use it’s had over the years, the seat is virtually held together with duct tape.

So, I managed 15 minutes on the bike today with a resistance level of 6. My heart just wasn’t in pedaling any longer. But I was really happy about the resistance level. For years I’d used the highest level: 9. I’m not really built for speed. Endurance is more my thing. But when my knees suddenly went “poof” last year, I was struggling to turn the pedals on 1. And 6… well, that’s one more level than last time I tried. 😀

Recumbent bike

And there’s the proof that I managed 15 minutes.
But could I get a non-blurry picture before the darned thing reset itself? No, I could not!

And, earlier in the day I managed 45 minutes of leg lifts.

Leg lifts

And before that I lugged a full 360L wheelie bin up the steps, into my garden and then along to mum’s car. Mum said that I was going a little overboard with the grunting. She suggested that I might perhaps grunt more quietly. At that point in time I was precariously positioned half-way up the steps with at least 70lb (30kg) of weighted wheelie bin grasped in my hands. I ignored her.

My Old Faithful Day: Recumbent – 15 minutes, Leg Lifts – 45 minutes, Wheelie Bin – 15 steps.
Total steps taken: 1,859
Difficulty Level: Intermediate


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