Juneathon 2015, Day 24 – Pool Night walk

Wednesday night in Mumbles is pool night.
Well, it often is for me anyway. I don’t actually play pool. I just enjoy the company of the lads who are playing pool. I say “lads” but that’s a misnomer: most of them are a couple of decades older than me.

So, I decided that today’s exercise would be the walk home from the pub. Which I managed. Unfortunately, due to a set of (rather pleasant) circumstances the walk home took place after midnight. Does this then count as a Juneathon entry for Day 24? I think I’m going to allow it. After all, at the start of Juneathon I decided that rodding drains could count!

One more thing: I purposefully took the photo of the pool table for this blog post. But I’m rather disconcerted… where are all the people?! I’m sure I spent most of the night nattering to half a dozen people at a time. I know that they were also in constant flux around the pool table. And, in the lower part of the pub there was a live band which made getting served quite difficult. Have they managed to photoshop themselves out of the picture?

Pool Night Walk: Walk Home – 500m
Total steps taken: 4,941
Difficulty level: Easy


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