Mumbles Front

Juneathon 2015, Day 25 – Seaside wander

A lot of tourists come to visit Mumbles, which is where I live.
There is a tarmaced cycle path that runs the full length of Swansea Bay. And for that entire time it is no more than 30m from the high tide line. Until 1960 it was where the Swansea and Mumbles railway line ran. I’ve met many people who moan that the line is no longer in use. But I couldn’t disagree more: It’s lovely to stroll along the front, watching the adults licking their ice-creams and the children dropping theirs. It’s also a reasonably safe place to walk (or run) at night, because there are generally quite a few people milling about.

So, I decided to head out after dark tonight: after the heat of the day and after the tourists had returned home. The tide was out, the lights of Port Talbot were shinning brightly and I had a very enjoyable walk.

Seaside wander Day: 1.4km 🙂
Total Steps taken: 7,001
Difficulty level: Intermediate


3 thoughts on “Juneathon 2015, Day 25 – Seaside wander

  1. I have walked that path 🙂 I have a friend who lives in Swansea and we visited mumbles when I stayed with her… I also swam in the sea in my clothes with no underwear so I could sit in my underwear when my clothes were drying…there was a lot of deliberation involved in this decision! I was smaller then mind you!

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