A hill

Juneathon 2015, Day 26 – Say “No!” to hills

I really didn’t want to exercise today.
But… well… flipping Juneathon. That’s what!

So, I halfheartedly lay in bed, picked up my dumbbell and did some arm lifts. 100 with each arm. And then I gave up, because I really couldn’t stand it any more. There are days when exercising is enjoyable, and then there are days when I just want to throw the dumbbells out of the window. Except of course, on days when I feel like this, I really don’t have enough energy to bother throwing the dumbbells anywhere – so the window is perfectly safe.

And a few hours later, still feeling equally naff and flopping about like a fish on a hot pavement I thought that I could manage a few leg lifts. 20 minutes of that and I was cursing Juneathon. Although really I should have been cursing myself. I tried to get to the 30 minute mark. Really, I did. But I just wanted to STOP MOVING.

I really would have thought that I could have been quite happy with that for today.
But no, apparently not.

Because, a couple of hours after the leg lifting I decided that I’d head out for a quick walk around the block: for Juneathon.
Good going Juneathon!
I seemed determined to completely NOT enjoy exercising all day today. All for Juneathon’s benefit.

And that was when I encountered the hill. I pretty much have to when leaving the house, as I live on a hill. So it didn’t come as any surprise to me. I’m not fond of that hill. Although it could be far worse. In fact I’ve lived on far worse. But my legs worked better then.
It was Juneathon that made me inch my way down the hill today. I really don’t think that Juneathon cares if I walked down the hill or not, but my knees did. They put up one heck of a stink today. But… and this is a very important, and lovely thing… they moaned, but they did not buckle or give way once. I didn’t land up sprawled on the floor, or even falling forward on to my stick.
Finally Day 26‘s exercise had made me happy. When I rounded the block and returned to head back up the hill my face was beaming. I suppose I should be thankful towards Juneathon after all.

Say “No!” to hills Day: 100 x 7kg arm lifts, 20 minutes x leg lifts, walk – 400m
Total steps taken: 2,498
Difficulty level: intermediate


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