Mumbles Front

Juneathon 2015, Day 27 – A blue hue

It was an easy decision today as to what my exercise would be. It was a fantastically lovely day, so I decided to do some gardening and head out at sunset for another wander along Mumbles’ Front.

Although the walk down to the front and back again was done in aid of Juneathon, it was completely different today when I stepped out of the front door to yesterday. No, I wasn’t looking forward to walking down the hill. But I was in a good mood and looking forward to sitting on a few seats along the way and drinking in the view. Which I did 🙂

I just wish that I’d taken my better camera, as the light had a very unusual blue tint to it tonight.

Kilvey hillLooking over the bay to Swansea & Kilvey Hill

A Blue Hue Day: Walk – 1km
Total Steps Taken: 4,087
Difficulty Level: Easy/Intermediate


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