Welcome to my 1st ever Janathon blog entry.
Janathon being: “an annual festival of activity and excuses. Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day?” As with last year’s Juneathon, I don’t intend to run, but I’m going to try my best to exercise and blog every day for the entire month. It’s harder than you think!

This morning didn’t go too well in terms of exercising. I hadn’t even been out last night welcoming the New Year in. I was just in a complete funk.
Midday came and went. I was still asleep.
I only actually awoke and sprang into action at 6pm. But after that I surprised myself by braving storm Marigold (or whatever name we’re up to) and having a brief walk along the front.

Mumbles Front at night

It was very wet and very windy. That’s unusual for Mumbles, because although we’re on the coast, there’s a large headland that protects us from the prevailing winds.
I managed to walk 1.3km in total, which I’m happy with considering how I felt.

wander along the prom for a bit

Janathon Day 1: 1.3km walk
Total steps taken: 5,313
Difficulty level: medium


3 thoughts on “JANATHON 2016, DAY 1 – WET & WINDY

  1. Yeay 🙂
    I was wondering the other day if you were doing janathon!
    Getting outside in the weather we are having at the moment is practically taking your life in your hands!! We are lucky in the south east not to be hit that hard and it is still horrible!!


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