Janathon 2016, Day 2 – Nada

Vivofit 2

Today was a naff day. I had a headache all day and although I tried, I never managed to get outside. That’s probably my goal during Janathon: to get outside as often as I can. I’m struggling with agoraphobia quite badly at the moment. I’m okay if I’ve got someone with me, or if I can get away from people. But unfortunately I live alone and can’t drive, so it’s difficult to get either of those things to happen. But I have a “cunning plan” in place for the middle of January to help with the goal of getting outside – so, watch this space.

But, today as I said was a bit of a washout. Nada and zip happened on the “getting outside” front. I did a few dumbbell lifts in bed and then when I realised that my step count wasn’t going to hit its daily 2,500 target I popped on Will Smith’s “Switch” you tube video and stepped up and down to that.

During Juneathon I had a jawbone UP24 which I loved, but it kept breaking. It broke every 2 months. So I decided to replace it with the vivofit 2. This has a cell battery which you don’t need to keep charging. And it has a display, with a watch and your step count for the day so far. I’d initially disregarded the device because people kept saying that the app was horrible. And they’re right, I’d give the app a 2/10 on Android. On iOS it’s a 6/10, but using the PC and Garmin Connect’s browser interface it’s a 9/10. I’m very happy with it. Apart from one thing: no matter how loose I have the plastic strap it irritates my skin. After a couple of days wear I was having to change wrists. Hence the homemade cuff in the photo. Other than that, I’d heartily recommend it.

Nada Day: 100 x 7kg dumbbell lifts per arm
Steps taken: 2,810
Difficulty level: I was so “meh” I had to really push myself to do anything, so: medium


5 thoughts on “Janathon 2016, Day 2 – Nada

  1. hi there! I have a question regarding the vivofit. I’m wondering whether the app separates steps walked and steps ran. I’m hoping it tells me how many steps I’ve run and then how many I’ve walked. Hoping you can help before I buy πŸ™‚ Thank you!


    1. I’m afraid that it just counts steps and doesn’t differentiate between activities that you’re doing at the time.
      The only way to do this with the vivofit would be to use the timer and to start and stop it as you started and stopped running, and then enter your run in manually.


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