Janathon 2016, Day 4 – Shopping in Swansea

Swansea's Christmas tree

I was absolutely determined to get outside for Day 4 of Janathon. The only question was what should I do, and where should I go? In the end I decided that as the children had gone back to school after the Christmas break I could brave the streets of Swansea. I would go and do some “normal people” stuff and browse some shops. The thought did fill me with a little bit of dread. But the rain hasn’t stopped hammering down for weeks and I thought it was a better option to wander around the indoor market than anywhere else.

Putting on my shoes nearly put me off. But I got outside. And what I stepped into also nearly put me off: a puddle an inch deep. My drain was blocked. I spent a frantic 15 minutes “rodding” the drain with a broom handle in the pouring rain and thankfully cleared the blockage. I really only mention this because of the days of Juneathon spent exercising by rodding my mum’s drains. I did think that I was fated to have to re-live it all again – but in far more unpleasant weather.

But, in the end I got to Swansea.

And I felt so chirpy that I went to Specsavers to get my eyes tested. I’ve been trying to get there since September.

Specsavers in Swansea

I saw and “admired” Swansea’s Christmas tree for the first time.

Swansea's Christmas tree. Balls. Lots of balls.

And I generally managed to do a bit of shopping. Unfortunately I mis-timed the “children going back to school” thing, which meant that the town was a little more hectic than I’d have liked. And by the end of the day my feet were shuffling along in a very slow manner. I was forced to walk in a straight line. Which seemed to bemuse a few people when they walked into me. By that point I was in agony though. So I’m afraid that their confused looks were met with a staunch look of defiance. (albeit a sweaty one).

A very dismal and wet street scene

But, I did it! I managed to get home in one piece with a few bits of shopping that I needed. And I didn’t kill anyone.

Oh, and I smashed my daily step count record with 12,580 steps.

Why then did my vivofit keep telling me for the rest of the day to get up and move. Could it not tell that moving was the last thing I was going to do?!

Shopping in Swansea Day: Walked for hours around Swansea and got lost in the indoor market.
Steps taken: 12,580
Difficulty level: hard


3 thoughts on “Janathon 2016, Day 4 – Shopping in Swansea

  1. Really awesome job!!

    way to smash your step record!!! 😀

    what is even more awesome is you managed to go shopping, in a town, with people and you didn’t kill anyone…I always find this very hard to do!! I don’t really like people!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PS: I can completely understand the having to walk in a straight line due to leg pain thing!!
      Last march I “ran” by which I mean run/jog/walk/dragged myself around a very ill advised half marathon and about 3km from the end I was only standing up and moving due to willpower and there was no other way to get back to the car. It was this point a small child decided to run into my path causing me to nearly trip over and nearly knock it flying…I nearly killed it!!!

      That evening my garmin kept telling me to move too…i told it I would be lucky if I could move again ever!!

      Liked by 1 person

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