Janathon 2016, Day 6 -Off to Southgate

inside the Southgate pub

This is the one time where my lack of mobility and fitness is jammy. I consider going to the pub and wandering around the pub to be exercise. I don’t even walk to the pub: because I’ve found that trying to do that makes me less than happy when I arrive. But I do walk back and often add an extra bit of walking in when I do. I’m extremely lucky because that normally leads me to Mumbles’ front and the expansive views of Swansea Bay.

I’ve been going to my local on a Wednesday night for a while. That’s because it’s pool night. I don’t actually play pool, but I appear to have become a “groupie”. Ricky (the man foremost in the picture) is another pool team groupie, so I’m not alone. But I do admit that it’s rather strange.

It was a rare treat tonight: we bundled into a mini-bus and headed off into the back of beyond. I’m pretty sure it was somewhere called Southgate, because we played the Southgate pool team. At some point I suppose I should look up where we went on a map.

As my daily step goal is 2,500 and I managed 4,465 today I’m happy. But I was a bit put out when I got dropped off just outside my door. I normally really enjoy that wander back home.

I’ve realised that I need to do a couple of things before the end of Janathon:
1. Attempt to follow a yoga video. (I’ve just got to try to keep enough of my living room floor clear for that.)
2. Find some mud. I’m pretty certain from other peoples’ blogs that this is meant to be a major part of Janathon.

Yes, I had a great evening “exercising”. Roll on Day 7 and whatever that may bring.

Off to Southgate Day: wandered around.
Steps Taken: 4,465
Difficulty Level: Easy


One thought on “Janathon 2016, Day 6 -Off to Southgate

  1. Yeay for a better day 😀
    And way to smash your step goal again!!
    Good luck with yoga! I need to try it too but keep chickening out of classes :-/
    Mud is a part of janathon…but I have to admit I am less keen on it than most!!

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