Janathon 2016, Day 11 – Yoga

my feet

It’s been 20 years since I last did any yoga.
Dang, that makes me feel old!

I used to go to evening classes in a dilapidated Victorian building which had formerly been the local secondary school. At the age of 15 I’d be there, with the slightly more mature members of the group, trying to hold various poses on my mat. They must have hated how I did every pose with ease.

The evening classes were virtually free to students, so I tried to find as many as I could to attend. I’ve vivid recollections of walking up the creaking flight of stairs to the first floor and then making my way to one of the many small former schoolrooms. The least favourite class I took was typing. I’d finish every class wondering why I’d pushed my hands through such torture. It didn’t help that I haven’t got “pianists hands”. My fingers are short and stubby. It also didn’t help that we were using old fashioned mechanical typewriters, when computer keyboards had already been in use for years. I blame those lessons for being the reason that I still can’t touch type properly. Every time I try, my hands start to hover inches above the keys and then crash down with keyboard-smashing intensity.

But the yoga: I really enjoyed that. I knew that it really wasn’t that beneficial to me as a 15 year old, but over the years I’ve thought about trying to use it to gain some much required flexibility and core strength.

And I finally managed.
It was the simplest of beginner sessions, but hopefully it was the start of more to come.
Thanks to the Janathon blogger who recommended the you tube video. I have searched (both my brain and Google) to work out who you were, but have come up with a complete blank. The video was perfect.

Yoga with Adrienne for complete beginners

I had a very enjoyable exercise session. Except for the point at which I was trying to maintain the downward dog pose. That was virtually impossible without a fair bit of gritting of teeth. In fact I probably missed the whole de-stressing aspect of yoga whilst my bottom tried its best to remain stuck up in the air. But I did get some much needed stretches in. And boy do my legs feel it!

But considering that a few months ago I found it difficult to rise from a chair, I think that floundering about on the floor like that was a great achievement.

Yoga Day: 20 minute session of yoga, 3.5 minutes of dancing,
Steps Taken: 3,125
Difficulty level: medium


2 thoughts on “Janathon 2016, Day 11 – Yoga

  1. Awesome!!! Yoga is really beneficial!!
    That is yoga with adrien, I did her beginners video on Saturday 😀 she is really good, yoga-y with out being over the top like some yoga you tube presenters!!


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