Janathon 2016, Day 12 – In the Buff

Portrait of Methalda wearing Buff

I’ve finally bought myself a Buff – the extremely versatile piece of headgear that’s essentially a very expensive bit of tubed fabric.
Hints had been thrown out to my family before both my birthday and Christmas. And believe me, my hints are very strong indeed. I not only go so far as to tell them what I’d like, I even have a pinned Facebook post dedicated to “Things you could buy me”. This probably seems a trifle over the top. But I watched on Christmas Day as my brother-in-law unwrapped dozens of pairs of socks from various people. He doesn’t have a “Things you could buy me” post. I, on the other hand got some lovely candles and a bottle of perfume that I adore. Unfortunately I didn’t get a Buff.

I’ve fancied one for ages.
But it is expensive.
But it would be perfect for me for the winter.
But… no more excuses. I decided to buy one. I chose exactly the design I fancied. Showed mum… and apparently the old trout had just bought herself one. Which just so happened to be exactly the same design as I wanted!

The Buff I’m wearing in the picture is my 2nd choice of design.

Please note that I am also wearing my new blue Helly Hansen. Hopefully they’ll get a fair bit of wear during my upcoming holiday. (I’m beginning to get excited about it now)

And Janathon?
My exercise for Day 12 was to plod up and down the living room whilst watching a couple of programs on Netflix. I got a few calf stretches in and then also managed a session of “bed weights”.

In the Buff day: Indoor walking, bed weights
Steps taken: 4,306
Difficulty level: Easy


One thought on “Janathon 2016, Day 12 – In the Buff

  1. I love buffs!!!
    I have several which I tend to pick up whenever I visit outdoors shops with sales on…
    on a completely separate note, in the picture you look a lot like a girl I used to work with which really threw me for a minute!!


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