Janathon 2016, Day 15 – Old fish

Salt fish

I didn’t get much done for Day 15 as the Old Trout arrived from far flung Yorkshire. She arrived at the door looking very bedraggled and worn out, but with a gleam in her eye. She’d brought me a present: of salt fish.

We’ve both only had salt fish once before: in a pre prepared meal. It was fantastic. But I’ve no idea how to prepare or cook it. I hope she isn’t expecting the same taste sensation when I cook it.

So, due to greeting my guest and general flopping about, I didn’t get much exercise done. There was a point where I got up and tried to maintain a discussion with mum whilst walking up and down the living room carpet. But I don’t talk well when breathing heavily and she seemed to dislike talking over the noise. So this didn’t work very well. But I did manage to reach the 5,000 step mark during the day. And I also slotted in a session of bed weights.

Old fish day: indoor walking, bed weights
Steps Taken: 5,074
Difficulty level: Easy


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