Janathon 2017, Day 1 – New Year’s Day


I had no intention of waking up today before at least midday, and after that the chance that I would decide upon an invigorating afternoon of exercising was very slim. So, I hatched a plan yesterday which involved seeing in the New Year at my local and then going for a wander along the Front to achieve Day 1 of Janathon 2017.

Janathon, for those of you who don’t know, is much like Juneathon. Except it’s done in January, not June.
And for those of you who are still a little mystified it can be explained a little like this: Juneathon was started as a way of trying to encourage people to exercise for every day in the month of June. And then every day they were to blog about it. At first it started as a bit of a runner’s elitism. But very soon they were forced into allowing mere mortals such as myself to take part. And now, Janathon is the same : “Janathon – like Juneathon – is an annual festival of activity and excuses. Walk, run, swim, cycle or build a snowman – all exercise counts.”

Janathon Facebook Group

I’d decided to walk to Knab Rock and back, a distance of 1.5 miles. It’s roughly how far I’m able to walk without pushing myself too much. Unfortunately I hadn’t factored in the trip to the pub beforehand. And no, it wasn’t the amount of alcohol I’d drunk that was the problem. It was the amount of standing up I’d had to do because the pub was so full. Before I even started heading to Knab Rock my knees were inflamed.
Thinking about last night a little bit longer, the dancing might not have helped much either! (In my defence, it was for only one song.)

I had a lovely walk along the promenade. No one was about. It wasn’t raining too heavily. And the views over the bay were as stunningly beautiful as always. About halfway to the Rock I sat down to admire the last of the fireworks being set off across the water in Swansea… and that was when I was treated to 15 minutes of ridiculousness: A woman bedecked in all of her New Year’s Eve Mumbles finery clambered out of a car, walked across the road and came to sit beside me on the bench. I was a little bemused until I realised she thought I was considering to commit suicide. I did try to say that I was just enjoying a walk, but she would not believe me. At one point she even tried to get me into her car and asked me if I had anywhere to go…
I’m all for trying to help lost souls. But I wasn’t a “lost soul”. I’d have thought that a couple of minutes talking to me would have removed that thought from her mind. All I actually inferred was that she thought that the “glad rags” I was wearing for New Year’s Eve made me look homeless. Erm, thanks.

That was thankfully the last of any interesting occurrences. I got to Knab Rock and then, as the tide was out, decided to walk back along the foreshore. I had great fun walking along the beach, my footprints being the first ones of 2017. I also had a fair bit of enjoyment collapsing on to the sand, giving my knees a few moments of respite. More so, because from where I was sitting nobody was able to see me from the road and I’d probably not have anyone trying to rescue me again.



New Year’s Day: Walking to Knab Rock and back
Steps Taken: 7,543
Difficulty level: easy


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