Janathon 2017, Day 4 – and repeat…

recumbent bike screen

Another 30 minutes

Today was very much like yesterday. I went to the doctors, talked about my ailments and returned, exhausted. Much like yesterday I also completed my Janathon exercise on my recumbent bike by pedalling away for 30 minutes at 3am.

The only real difference is that this time, whilst pedalling, the towels I normally have on the bike weren’t falling off all of the time because I’d sewed them together. I’d been loathe to do this before now because, well, they’re towels. And in my mind, towels are rectangles that in times of need can be wrapped around bodies or hair to dry them off. They cannot be used like that if someone’s sewn them together into a strange pillowcase-and-rectangle arrangement. But I decided that I can always buy more towels to act as towels, right? It’s not as if there’s a world towel shortage or something.

So, that happened. And if those darned bike arms don’t look out, they’ll be dispensed with. They serve no purpose other than to stop me from “hopping” on to the bike. Yep. I think that they’ll be unscrewed next.


The bike gets its own bit of clothing

The and repeat day: 30 minutes on recumbent
Steps taken: no idea. My tracker didn’t sync properly 😦
Difficulty level: Medium


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