Janathon 2017, Day 6 – A wet walk


Looking out of the window today I realised that if I was going to head out I was going to put on a thermal. It isn’t that cold (7 °C), but it was pouring with rain. I don’t own any waterproofs (something to do with the fact that large women aren’t allowed to have nice, lightweight, breathable waterproofs) so I tend to aim for “I might be wet, but I’m warm and wet”. Unfortunately, along with large women not being allowed sensible waterproofs, we’re not really catered for in the thermals department either.
I love Helly Hansen thermals. Probably because I can fit easily into their largest men’s size. But when you buy larger sizes, clothing companies automatically assume that you must be larger everywhere, especially the length of your arms. I wish that I’d got arms that length. I’d be able to reach all of the room without ever getting up from my seat. But I haven’t. So today they got the big chop!

After this much needed bit of sewing, I sauntered off down the hill, very pleased with myself and my new, thermals.

Today I turned left when I reached the Front and walked towards Swansea again. This time I headed to one of the geocaches that I look after, in order to check on it and do a little maintenance.


What a miserable day!


A dry seat?!

And as luck would have it, I found a lovely, dry seat to sit on whilst I was sorting out the contents of the tub.


Walking back to Mumbles with the pier and lighthouse in the distance

I did find the walk quite strenuous and for some reason I was out of breath the entire time. But I rewarded myself by popping into the baker’s and buying myself a custard slice.

A wet walk day: 1.5 miles
Steps Taken: 6,789
Difficulty Level: medium


One thought on “Janathon 2017, Day 6 – A wet walk

  1. well done for getting out in the rain…

    I suppose if you live in wales you get used to it 😛 (sorry that is a joke…but it does rain a lot…)

    I had to but a new waterproof jacked (in wales as it happens) and I tried on the womens extra large and nearly did a dance in the shop then yelled woohoo I do not have a prohibitively large bottom!! I got some funny looks from the shop people…

    Clothes sizing really annoys me…especially sportswear brands…if you are anything bigger than a siz 12 and anything with more shape than a stick then you have no hope…


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