Janathon 2017, Day 8 – Tools of the trade


As I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed at around 8am this morning I thought that it would be the perfect day for a walk. Full of optimistic thoughts I also decided to weigh myself. That was a bad decision. So bad that I’m not even going to admit how bad it was.
After that I decided that I wasn’t feeling quite so good after all and headed back to bed for a erm, power nap.

Four hours later I emerged again, ready to tackle the world. As long as that didn’t involve going outside and seeing anyone…


Here’s a another picture of the monitor of my recumbent bike. Proof that not only did I complete 30 minutes of exercise for Janathon today, but that I was rather worn out and wobbly by the end of it too.

And this was my first day using the bike without the arms in the way. It was certainly easier getting on and off without them. Although I still wouldn’t describe it as “hopping”.

What I really can’t understand is where all of my allen keys have gone. Every time I get a flat-packed item of furniture I’m pretty certain that I’ve kept the allen key safe just in case. But when I rummaged around in my toolbox earlier I could only find two tiddly ones that weren’t ever going to work on the large hex headed screws that held the arms in place. So, I put my noggin to work, (tried to forget about the missing allen keys that seem to have packed their bags and left me) and found an alternative.

The 28mm drill bit I tried first wouldn’t work; its hexagonal end was too large. But I hit gold with the 13mm bit. And yes, I felt extremely stupid undoing bolts with a drill bit. That’s why there’s a picture of it. But it got the job done; which meant that I got today’s Janathon exercise done.

Tools of the trade day: 30 minutes on recumbent bike
Steps taken: 3,601
Difficulty level: easy


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