Janathon 2017, Day 10 – A trip to the Castle



It looks as if I’ll be sleeping on the settee for at least another night. Because, with my old bed in pieces and only the headboard of the new one put together, I decided that I’d head out for a walk today for Janathon.

I went up to Oystermouth Castle and around the castle grounds, which are essentially a public park. My main reason for going there was to check on a geocache that I look after in the grounds. But that was really just an excuse to get out.
There was a point at which I doubted I’d get outside, because I couldn’t find any clothes to wear. I should have moved all of the bits of dead bed away from my chest of drawers to get at some clothes. Instead, I scrabbled about, sniffing hopefully at a few things I’d discarded at the edge of my bedroom. They seemed okay…

From my front door I headed down to the sea front and then I made my way up the hill to Oystermouth castle grounds. I never saw the sun, but it also didn’t rain the whole time I was out. All in all, a lovely, if uneventful walk for today’s exercise.




A trip to the castle day: 1.3 miles
Steps Taken: 6,152
Difficulty Level: easy


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