Janathon 2017, Day 9 – Dead Bed


My bed is dead.
It is deader than dead.
When it first died I resurrected it with a few bits of glue. Then came another death. That time I added screws and a couple of wooden batons. Over the years it’s died many times and been brought back to life with many, many different pieces of metal and wood.
But this time, when it cracked, I did too.

There’s only so much a person can take. You know…

Today, my new bed arrived. And I proceeded to use up all of today’s energy to try to get it in place. This involved lifting the boxes of the new bed up the stairs, taking the old bed apart (did I mention that it was held together with a hundred different bits and pieces?), vacuuming the accumulation of dust bunnies, and moving the bits of old bed out of the way.


Whilst sitting on the floor, having a rest, I realised that I’d stacked everything up against my chest of drawers. No more clean clothes for me until I sort that little problem out!

Talking about problems: yesterday I mentioned how I weighed myself and got rather upset by my weight gain. The main reason was that I couldn’t fathom how I’d put on so much weight.  Normally I know that I’ve been overeating and why, but this came as a shock. Having discussed this with the Old Trout today, I think we’ve come up with the answer. I won’t bore you with the details; suffice it to say that this would be an extra-complicated thing to explain. So, although I’ve put on weight, it does feel good to know why. It’s a lot easier to fight something if you know what that something is.

But, back to my Janathon exercising: I used up the last of my energy putting the pieces of the new bed’s headboard together. The slats fitted so snuggly into the grooves that I found myself using all of my considerable heft (and expertise with said heft) to try to put them together. And after getting an unwanted upper-body workout trying to screw the thing together I headed off downstairs for my electric screwdriver.

And that’s where the day ended.
7 hours later I woke up on the settee, the screwdriver lying beside me on the floor.

Dead bed day: manhandling bit of bed
Steps Taken: 3,479
Difficulty Level: medium


2 thoughts on “Janathon 2017, Day 9 – Dead Bed

  1. Functional fitness is the best of them all. Ways of getting fit that is. I look forward to seeing the new bed in glorious technicolour.


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