Janathon 2017, Day 11 – Another Functional Fitness Day


Well, that was easier than I’d expected!

After Day 9’s exhausting “Dead Bed” day, I thought that I’d be struggling for hours trying to get the rest of the new bed together. But it only took 2 hours.
I think I used every piece of strength I’d got left to put the headboard together on Monday, but today went like a charm. Yes, I was left flummoxed at one point as to how a single person could possibly follow the sparse instructions given. It seemed to defy the laws of physics. After turning the instruction sheet around a couple of times, and then waggling my head from side to side to see if it made any sense sideways, I gave up and tried a different method.
My method involved a lot of stretching, upper body movement and then lying down, combined with rolling about a bit. So, the equivalent of Yoga combined with Pilates in a functional fitness form.

It was so easy, that I then lay down on the bed and checked how sturdy it was by completing 100 dumbbell lifts.
This is by far the easiest Janathon exercise day this year.

Oh, and now I’m going to go and walk to the pub. It’s all go today.


Another Functional Fitness Day: Putting bed together, 5 x 20 7kg dumbbell lifts
Steps Taken: 3,337
Difficulty Level: Easy


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