Janathon 2017, Day 12 – A Midnight Wander


I headed off for a bracing walk along the front just before midnight. As midnight struck I was sitting on a wall sorting out the contents of a geocache.

If you’ve read previous blog posts you’ll have noticed that there’s a bit of a theme running through them, which means that if I get out for a walk it’s invariably along the sea front, and also invariably includes geocaching in some form or another. This time I spiced things up a bit by walking away from Swansea towards the pier, and the geocache I visited didn’t actually belong to me.
Okay, okay, I could have spiced things up a little bit more by walking somewhere different. But I love this walk. Partially because the views are spectacular, day or night. And partially because it’s flat and my knees don’t appreciate it when I walk downhill.

It was a little breezy. But other than that it was a fine, clear night. The lights were shining brightly right across the Bay all the way from Swansea city centre to the works at Port Talbot. And the wind was making the boat rigging clank atmospherically.

Have I told you how much I love living here?


A Midnight wander day: 1.5 mile walk
Steps taken: 3,576
Difficulty level: medium


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