Janathon 2017, Day 13 – Happy crochet


I’ve been trying all day to get some exercise done. To get anything done in fact. But my depression hit me hard today. It was with quite a bit of relief that I felt well enough at about 6pm to pick up my crochet.
After choosing my next colour I also decided upon a plan. An exercise plan: after every row, I’d walk up and down the living room 10 times. Short bursts to try to attain my minimum step goal for the day. And it worked!

(I was very good and removed my Vivofit2 whilst I was crocheting. It gets a tad confused when it’s on my wrist and I’m hooking away. I think it believes I’ve suddenly turned into a world class runner.)

Happy Crochet day: reached daily step goal
Steps Taken: 3,094
Difficulty Level: Hard


4 thoughts on “Janathon 2017, Day 13 – Happy crochet

  1. Really well done!
    I have depression too… it hasn’t been a major problem for years (although it never really goes) but there have been times when convincing your self to do anythign at all is impossible so I can appreciate how hard this was!

    plus…crochet wizardry (see comment on day 14 for the wizard comment to make sense)


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