Janathon 2017, Day 17 -Slacking

Today I slacked.

I couldn’t face cycling on my recumbent bike, or going for a 1.5 mile walk, or even a set of bed weights.

There are days when, due to being mentally unwell I flounce around the house unable to do anything. I can’t help it, even if it was a day when I’d got a lot of wonderful and exciting things to do, I’d still be dragging myself about. It’s really annoying, you’re willing, wanting to something, anything, but all you can do is absolutely nothing. And having suffered from this for well over 15 years I’ve got used to it. I refuse to feel bad about not being able to push myself too much. If I do, I can land up having a mental break. And believe me, it’s not much fun trying to sort yourself out after that happens.

Anyway, today wasn’t one of those days. Today I was just slacking. I just couldn’t face exercising of any form. I did toy with the idea of attempting some yoga. But then I looked at the state of the living room… erm, no.

But, I’m attempting to complete Janathon with a full 31 days of exercising! And giving up on Day 17 just because I “couldn’t be bothered” wasn’t going to happen. I dragged on as few items of clothing as were physically required to head outside on a winters day in South Wales: leggings, t-shirt & fleece and grumbled my way out of the house.

Flipping Janathon!

Annoyingly, by the time I’d got down to the Front I was grateful to have gone out. And I returned happier than I’d started out (even though Ibuprofen was quickly and thankfully downed).


Slacking Day: Walk to the sea and back
Steps Taken: 4,697
Difficulty Level: Medium


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