Janathon 2017, Day 19 – Gentle Yoga


I really enjoyed today’s Janathon exercise: 25 minutes of very gentle yoga.

Last year I tripped over a Janathon blogger who had tried following an online yoga class for beginners by a YouTube channel called Yoga with Adrienne. She’s uploaded over 200 yoga videos for everyone from the complete beginner, to the more advanced. I’d highly recommend taking a look if you’re interested in getting into yoga. Her style of presentation is really easy going and makes you feel relaxed.

Today when I awoke my calf muscles were aching like nobody’s business. I thought that doing some simple stretches would possibly help more than going for a walk or cycling. My legs always ache, but they were unbearable today. Especially the right leg. I’ve found that for some reason compression dulls the aching significantly. Which is why, for most of the day I’ve been wandering around with size G tubular bandages on. Apparently, size G are for large adult thighs.


Snazzy, don’t you think? Hmm… I wonder if I’d be able to tie-dye them?

As I’ve said today’s exercise session was great fun. I haven’t done any yoga since last year’s attempt and the difference in my ability just to move around the floor was astounding. I had a little bit of a problem holding my weight up with my wrists. I am morbidly obese, so that is to be expected. I also had a bit of a problem when my tripod attacked me when my leg accidentally hit it. I often find that inanimate objects attack me, so that too was to be expected. What I didn’t expect was to be utterly thwarted by one of the poses: the child’s pose.



Child’s Pose

The problem arises from my aforementioned obesity. Think of someone with a stomach the size of a football and calves the size of melons. And now consider how on earth they can get into this simple position. Pah! I was left more confused than anything else.
(Some quick Googling has given me some options  if I try another yoga session)

Gentle Yoga Day: 25 minutes of Yoga
Steps Taken: 3,122
Difficulty level: Easy


2 thoughts on “Janathon 2017, Day 19 – Gentle Yoga

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me thinking that compression dulls niggling aches.

    And yes, I’m pretty certain that it was your fault that I tripped over Adrienne. I’m so glad though, because she’s got some great videos.
    I was looking forward to seeing you blog about her 31 day yoga sessions, but as that’s not on the cards now I’m just as interested to see what adventures you find with your new van.


  2. I love that you did this!! I love Yoga with Adriene!
    (there is an outside chance that janathoner doing yoga last year was me 😀 )
    I am constantly astounded by the things that look easy when Adriene does them which turn out to be impossible…like “easy pose” which is sitting crosslegged and should actually be called “really painful on your ankles impossible pose” but I guess that name isn’t catchy enough…
    I can’t really do childs pose either…I end up withthe top of my head on the ground and my bum up in the air!

    I am also cross with wordpress for not showing y any of your posts until this one!!

    also…compression is amazing for stopping aches… I go through phases of living in compression calf sleeves… 😀


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