Janathon 2017, Day 21 – Bribery


The Old Trout came and went. She left me with one of the little sprats: this time, my nephew. I dragged him out just after dark by bribing him with the promise of sausage and chips. He seemed happy enough to wander up to the castle as well so that I could complete today’s Janathon exercise.


Yet again I was heading up to the castle to check on my geocache. It is a “trackable hotel” so I often go to swap the trackables around. Trackables are little items like keyrings that geocachers set off with goals such as “I’d like this trackable to visit every county in Britain” or “Please take photos of me near the sea”. These items are picked up and moved on from geocache to geocache by geocachers. Sometimes they’re moved with the goal in mind, and sometimes just moved to keep them moving.
Each Trackable has a unique tracking number and this allows them to be tracked, logged, and photos uploaded of their locations and journeys. Some trackables keep moving for thousands of miles and visit multiple continents, far further than their owners have ever been. Others unfortunately get lost after a couple of weeks and never get anywhere.


This is one of my trackables. The day that I moved from Inverness (In the Highlands of Scotland) to Mumbles (in South Wales) I set two trackables loose in a cache near to where I used to live. One of them disappeared into the ether quite quickly. The other, which is the one in the picture, it reached Mumbles safe and sound just over 3 years after I set it off.

And yes, after some fun flashing torches around, rolling down the hill, swapping things in the geocache and pretending that there was a giant lizard attacking the castle my nephew and I returned home content. He accepted his bribe of sausage and chips merrily (and I quite enjoyed mine too).

Bribery day: 1 mile walk
Steps Taken: 5,409
Difficulty level: Easy


4 thoughts on “Janathon 2017, Day 21 – Bribery

    1. It’s easy enough. Start with the free “Geocaching” app by Groundspeak. You don’t have to pay any money to find them and if you live near a town you’ll find there are dozens around you. Go on! It’s something that you’ve got to try once. 😉

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