Janathon 2017, Day 22 – Throwback Sunday

I had a fit today so I’ve been feeling a little wobbly and not really in the right state to exert myself. I thought that a session of bed weights would probably be able to count as enough exercise today considering. I was nearly a set of 20 reps in when I wondered whether I could lift my legs up at the same time. That way, at least if I got tired I could just give up. I was rather chuffed when I realised that I could raise one leg at a time without my back playing merry havoc with me.

And yes, yet again I looked like some ungainly lump moving in the weirdest of ways. But although this always goes through my mind; “So what! I’m moving aren’t I?” always does too. I think that perhaps today I looked like some deranged puppet master was lifting up my arms and legs and not quite getting the hang of any of it.

But, no matter what I looked like, I was able to complete 5 x 20 sets of 7kg dumbbell bed weight lifts on both arms and 2 x 20 sets of straight leg lifts which gave my inner thighs a good stretch.

And then I checked on how many steps I’d taken today. A measly 1,500! My daily goal is at least 3,000. Boosted by my thrashing about in bed I thought I’d head downstairs and walk up and down the room listening to some songs. And that is when Throwback Sunday occurred. I decided that the first song I’d walk to was Ms Jackson by Outkast. And, plodding up and down the carpet in my livingroom transported me back to this place:


In 2001 I walked to this bothy for the 1st time. It’s a little place called Uags, situated on the Scottish mainland on a rugged, windswept peninsula overlooking the Isle of Skye. The bothy itself is open and free for anyone to stay in for a few days, but is four miles from the nearest road over rough terrain.
And it was that rough terrain that the song reminded me of today. Back in 2001 I’d splashed out on a super-duper CD player that was both waterproof, shockproof (so the CDs didn’t skip with every slight jiggle) and played for roughly 50 hours on 2 AA batteries. It was amazing! And for some reason that trip, one of the CDs I’d taken with me was Outkast’s album. As I tried to get to the bothy for the night I recall him being very sorry to Ms Jackson quite a few times. You can see how rugged it is from that picture. Rugged, boggy, no paths… a fantastic place to be and to walk. So, not the worst thing to be reminded of when you’re stuck in your living room pacing up and down.



Oh, and then, as I hadn’t quite reached 3,000 steps, I had to find another song to listen to: Gold Digger by Kanye West. That didn’t evoke any memories, but did allow me to throw some more shapes (and reach my daily step goal).

Throwback Sunday: 5 x 20 bedweights, 2 x 20 leg lifts, reached daily step goal
Steps Taken: 3,159
Difficulty Level: Easy


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