Janathon 2017, Day 23 -Actual geocache maintenance

My family and I own and maintain over 200 geocaches.
We’re the type of people who want you to enjoy what you find. So our caches are generally not ones that have been set out and left to rot in the woods for years. I say generally because the best laid plans of mice and men … well they gang aft agly. There are a few that were put out with the best of intentions, but have been extremely difficult to get to. One of the various problems we’ve faced is that my mobility has deteriorated badly in the last few years, making places that I could walk to easily four or five years ago very difficult now.

So, we try our best, but it isn’t always as good as we’d have liked. Roughly a fortnight ago someone let us know that they’d lost the lid from one of our caches. Running repairs were made, but it was obvious that the cache container needed to be replaced. And I’ve been trying to get there ever since. If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you’ll know that this is because I’ve either been too tired, or anxious, or agoraphobic or any one of countless other naff reasons to walk to the bus and then to the cache. But, today I made it.

And so, today’s Janathon exercise entailed walking to the bus, then along the sea front (yes, the Front – that nice, flat tarmaced path that I saunter along regularly) to the cache. Roughly 1.5 miles.



I actually checked on three caches today. But of course, I didn’t have the sense to take photos of any of them. So those of you that are still at a loss as to what this malarky is all about, well you’ll not have much of a clue so I’ll try to paint the best picture that I can: Flat tarmaced cycle track at dusk. Lots of cyclists, Lots of runners, plus yours truly. I walk along (complete with flashing headtorch) trying to work out which tree the first cache is hidden beneath. This is normally okay in the daylight. I’ve been there loads of times before, so I know that I’m looking for an “inny bit” just before a tree. It doesn’t take me long and I’ve spotted the “inny bit”. Nope. Wrong one… try again…. that one led me over on to the beach. Hmm…

The thing to remember is that yours truly is never actually lost, she just looks it. Oh, and confused. I just do my best to brave it out and pretend that what I’m doing is utterly normal. Yes, I’ve just appeared from the bushes swearing. Yes, I’ve just headed back into different bushes with a squeal of delight. All normal, quite normal.

The first cache was finally found and checked.
The second cache took longer to find and involved lying down in the undergrowth, in the dark, praying that nobody could spot my boots from the path and stopped to ask if I was okay.
But the third, the one I went to replace, that’s a blighter. I’m surprised that no one’s lost the lid before. The cache itself is right on the sea front, attached to a tree 10m up from the beach. To reach it, you have to scrabble down 3m and then search the tree. Whilst I merrily clung on to the tree for dear life I exchanged the film pots and took a photo (as you do).


Looking towards Mumbles

And then, job done I headed to the nearest bus stop. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. But perhaps next time I might be able to force myself to head out in daylight.
Here’s hoping.


Looking towards Swansea City Center


Time to go home

Actual Geocache Maintenance Day: 1.5 mile walk
Steps Taken: 6,774
Difficulty Level: Easy


7 thoughts on “Janathon 2017, Day 23 -Actual geocache maintenance

  1. I love the descriptions!! you just made me chuckle in my office!!

    I have downloaded the app and it turns out that there is at least one within walkable distance of my office in my lunchtime so I am literally going t head out now and have a look 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Handy tips: Check what the difficulty level is and choose something 2 or below. The larger caches are easier to find, so chose a “small” or a “regular” rather than a “micro” to start with. And my main tip: if possible avoid urban areas. The best caches are definitely those that aren’t overlooked by houses where you can search without feeling stupid.

        I’m sorry you didn’t find either one you looked for today though :/

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I did feel a bit odd and lots of dog walkers kept looking at me…
        It would have been better if I wasn’t in my work clothes 😊
        It was fun though even if I didn’t find them!
        One was a micro one which is probably why I didn’t find it and the other I didn’t have much time left I’m in my lunchtime 🙂


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