Janathon 2017, Day 27 -Head Cold

When the Old Trout arrived a few days ago from Yorkshire she brought a cold with her. Any other mother would bring along a nice box of chocolates, or perhaps some hand knitted socks. That’s what mothers are meant to do aren’t they? My mother gives me a stonking head cold and some clamps!


As my eyes are streaming and my nose is fully blocked I decided that a bit of relaxing stretching with Adriene was on the cards for today’s exercise for Janathon.

There were a few precarious moments during today’s yoga: I had a coughing fit that stopped the session for five minutes. I miss-did something and trapped my left breast under my collapsed body. That hurt, a lot. Not as much as the time as I got it trapped under a shelf full of baking trays and had to scream for help to get it removed, but a fair bit. Oh, and I tumbled head first into a bin (but that’s okay, because it was empty). But today’s yoga was generally a very enjoyable experience.

Based on a little bit of googling I’ve worked out what to do with my large body during the child’s pose. Apparently you prop yourself up using various soft cushions. And yes, that worked well.
So, thumbs up for today’s session. I felt all sorts of stretching going on.

I haven’t quite reached my daily step goal yet, but after I’ve written this up I’m going to find something to watch on Youtube and walk up and down the living room for a few minutes. So, consider that done too.

I’m really hoping that during the weekend I’ll get to go out and find a couple of geocaches with my niece and nephew. And as a grand finale I’m going to try to do a short run on the 31st. So, watch this space…

Head Cold Day:  30 minutes of easy yoga
Steps Taken: 3,001 (Really. I’m just about to do them)
Difficulty level: Easy


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