Janathon 2017, Day 28 – Shopping with the Sprats


“Mummy doesn’t let us wear our hats backwards” declared the eldest of the Sprats today.
He seemed worried that Mummy might find out, but at the same time rather excited by the prospect of being able to do something quite so naughty.

Yes, I am a naughty Aunt.

I tried to be my usual informative self: baseball caps aren’t worn backwards except when it’s very sunny and you’re starting to get a sunburnt neck. In Wales we’re more likely to be suffering from rain. Rain isn’t annoying on the back of your neck, but it is when it’s pouring down the front of your face. Baseball caps stop rain from running down your face if you wear them the right way around and are not trying to be a plonker.

These facts may or may not be true. But they appeased the eldest Sprat, especially when I said that for now we were pretending to be Australians because it’s their summer time at the moment.
I do spout a lot of twaddle.


Today’s Janathon exercise was walking whilst dragging these two along. Many steps were taken (far more by them than me). The youngest Sprat told me that I was getting fitter. Until we started to walk back up the hill later in the day, when I think she thought that I was about to die at any moment. I try not to let them know that anything’s wrong, but I think that my gasping gives it away at times. That and the expletives that escape accidentally every now and again.

They’re delightful company. Even when I had to tell them off for running in a shop, I was having more fun than I should have been. So today’s steps were painful, but happy ones.

Shopping with the Sprats Day: Walking around Mumbles
Steps Taken: 6,296
Difficulty Level: Easy


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