Janathon 2017, Day 29 – No Geocaching



This is why I didn’t get to go geocaching today.
Well, sort of.

This was what I looked like a couple of days ago: Eyes streaming, no way on earth that I could breathe through my nose. In fact, just taking this picture with my mouth closed caused a coughing fit. (See, even this rather unflattering photo is yet another piece of internet fakery.) But you should have seen the Old Trout when she surfaced this morning! Take this photo and multiply it by a hundred. One of her eyes was blood red. And believe me: Old Trouts look rather awful with a single, hideous, piercing red eye. The rest of her didn’t look much better.
I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to put up with her constant moaning if I let her take me caching. So we didn’t go.

Instead, I crashed out in bed – rather hoping that I’d wake up at some point with enough energy to do some form of exercise for this stupid Janathon “exercise every day” nonsense. And strangely enough, I did. I paced up and down the living room until I reached my daily step goal and then just squeezed in 30 minutes of cycling on the recumbent bike before the stroke of midnight.


I even managed to do the whole program at the set difficulty without having to lower any of the resistance levels for the first time. So, I have to concede, yet again, that Janathon is worth the effort.

No Geocaching Day: 30 minutes recumbent cycling
Steps Taken: 3,103
Difficulty Level: Easy


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