Janathon 2017, Day 30 – It’s Day 30!


Today I put my music on at full blast and walked up and down the room until I’d reached my daily step goal.

Today’s music was as follows:
Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love
Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams
Marilyn Manson – You’re so Vain
Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus

Don’t worry, the whole of Mumbles didn’t get blasted out by Marilyn Manson. In fact, I’m sure that my next door neighbours didn’t hear a thing either.

I don’t watch that much TV. Before late last year, I’d never even owned a television. But I do like to listen to stuff as I’m pottering around. Lots of the time it’s to stop the voices harping away inside my head, sometimes to stop me feeling lonely, and often because I just enjoy listening to something. I generally listen to podcasts, Radio 4 and Audiobooks. When I’m out, I generally use my iPod to listen to everything, but indoors I have wireless Sennheiser headphones. The audio isn’t the best quality, but when you normally listen to the spoken word that isn’t a problem. And to tell you the truth, Marilyn Manson’s songs are often so grungy and “muddy” that you don’t notice the poor sound quality much even with the sound turned up to 11. So, that’s how I was enjoying Marilyn Manson today: screeching through my headphones, drowning out all of my thoughts and emotions so that I could just be in the moment and enjoy moving.

And that’s what I did for the penultimate day of Janathon

It’s Day 30! : reached step goal
Steps taken: 4,224
Difficulty Level: Medium


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