Janathon 2017, Day 31 – I survived



I survived Janathon.
Not only that, but I exercised every day in January because of Janathon.

I’d hoped to go for a short run today, but it’s been a sleep day. I’ve slept through from roughly 5pm yesterday to 5pm today and I’m still tired, so I’ve probably still got a few hours of sleep left to complete before I feel okay.
Oh, and it’s raining and blowing a hooley out there!

With only 153 steps racked up by 5pm today I was in a bit of a dither. What on earth was I going to do to meet today’s Janathon exercise goal?
Bed weights: my get-out exercise that isn’t quite getting out of anything. I decided upon 5 x 20 7kg dumbbell arm lifts today, including 2 x 20 straight leg lifts for good measure. I noticed that the 7kg is getting far too easy for me now. Perhaps for Juneathon I’ll be sporting 7.5 kg or 8kg weights. Wait a sec… did I just do what I think I did? Did I mention Juneathon only moments after I’d completed Janathon?!  *rolling eyes*

Oh, and then I felt bad about not even reaching 10% of my step goal for the day, so I plodded back and forth across my living room carpet for a while.

And here’s the bit I’ve been looking forward to for days (other than having a rest tomorrow and not giving a flying fig if I’ve only walked 23 steps or some other ridiculously low number):

My totals for Janathon:

Steps Taken: 150,676 (an average of 4,861 a day)
Minutes Recumbenching: 210
Number of times dumbbell lifted in air: 1,200
Number of leg lifts performed: 160
Minutes working my way to becoming a world class Yogi: 55
And I spent a couple of days wrestling with beds.



6 thoughts on “Janathon 2017, Day 31 – I survived

      1. That’s ok 😀 I think I should probably change mine at some point as I am not actually doing a 365 any more…
        encouragement is no problem at all 😁😁 xx


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