Juneathon 2017, Day 1 – So much has changed…

Here we are again at another Juneathon: the perfect excuse for me to blog about the various ways in which I’ve either exercised during the day, or managed to avoid exercising.

There are people other than me who are blogging and taking part in Juneathon. One place that they congregate is on the Juneathon Facebook Page. I am rather ashamed to admit that although I’ve taken part in the idea and experience for the last few years, I’ve no idea about the founder of the idea, or if any of the other members know one another. Although I do read their various posts with interest every year. Perhaps I’ll work it out this month. Or perhaps I’ve accidentally joined the ranks of some secret evil exercising cabal and would be better off not knowing…

To start with, let me post a photo of my selfie taken last week at the very moment that The Old Trout mentioned that Juneathon was only a week away:


“Juneathon? Already?!”

You can see how much I was looking forward to it!

But here I am, ready to tell you all about my first day’s activities. And, if you’ve read any of my previous blog posts try to guess what, if anything has changed about my life.

This morning started well. I felt energised and so did a 3 minute upper body workout from my bed to the tune of “Gold Digger”. That would probably have gone better had it not been for one teensy thing: my 9 year old niece. She’d stayed over last night and was treated to a full display of what her aunt looks like in the morning doing some very strange movements. From the look on her face I believe I was being sternly warned never to attempt such a thing in her presence again. I soldiered on regardless. Even when the song went into full swearing mode. Whilst swinging my arms around wildly I did add a few suitable aunt-like phrases :”What a naughty word!” and “Don’t you use naughty words like that!”. She just continued to glower at me.

My main exercise for the day occurred after I’d handed the sprat back to her father and the heat of the sun had faded a bit.

I went for a walk to Swansea Marina, along the Front and back home. The beach was dotted with groups of people sitting and chatting around bonfires or barbeques.  Most were students from the local University. It was good to see people enjoying the beach, but at the same time, I was quite happy wandering along by myself.


Swansea Marina

The past few years have been hard.
I’ve always been someone who loved walking. But a few years ago that slowly became so difficult that I found it nearly impossible to rise from my chair and walk across a room. If you look at my earliest posts I write of struggling to walk the length of 20 houses.

But now things have changed. My muscles are finally getting stronger again and the ravages of statin induced rhabdomyolysis are lessening. That means I’m finally able to head out for walks again and enjoy them.


Looking over to Mumbles

I walked 3 miles today. 3 whole miles!
My knees were playing up a bit by the time I got home so I count that as a good bit of exercise and a great start to Juneathon.

Now, if we could just get the weather to remain like this for the month I would be extra happy!

So Much has Changed Day: Morning Stretch & 3 mile walk
Steps Taken: 11, 648
Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate


2 thoughts on “Juneathon 2017, Day 1 – So much has changed…

  1. This is so awesome to read!!!
    I just had to google rhabdomyolysis and it sounds terrible!! I am so pleased it is improving, actually enjoying going out to walk is a definite bonus!! 😀

    also…I can’t believe I missed the start of Juneathon!!! I forgot about it and had a rest day on the 1st!! so I am scuppered from the outset…however in true evil exercise cabal style I am going to exercise every day from now on anyway!!

    I am so glad you are Juneathon-ing! I love you posts 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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