Juneathon 2017, Day 4 – An Indecent Proposal

Yes, I’m writing this on the 5th of June and not on the 4th, but I’ve only just returned home. So I’m counting this as being a continuance of the 4th as I haven’t been to sleep yet. So my daily blogging for Juneathon is still on track. Or that’s what I’m telling myself.

I blame what happened tonight on Juneathon.

I’m pretty sure that Juneathon (and its sister Janathon) is supposed to encourage those amongst us who do it to exercise more and generally lead a healthier lifestyle because of it. But I’m sorry, I’ve probably just messed all of that up.

I was feeling so naff today that although I rolled out of bed at some point during the afternoon, I also then rolled back again a couple of hours later after dragging myself through a few chores. My mind was telling me that I needed more sleep (and when my mind says that I generally listen because as someone who suffers from schizophrenia I’m extremely cautious of over doing things mentally.) And after yesterday my legs were refusing to move properly (Shame on them!).

Thankfully, after a few more hours sleep I decided to head out for a walk in order to reach my daily step count for Juneathon. For that past couple of years I’ve constantly worn a fitness tracker. Research has shown that it doesn’t generally help people lose weight, but I’ve found it great as a motivational tool. I used to try to walk at least a couple of miles every day. But once my movement became very limited and I was unable to walk very far I appreciated trying to push myself with my daily step count as opposed to walking a certain distance. I’m currently using a vivofit2, which I adore because of the year long battery life and the fact that it acts as a watch. (Very quaint 😉 ) I strive for as many steps as possible in a day, but my daily step goal is set to 3,000 steps because that’s the amount I feel I can manage to push myself to if I’ve had a bad day mentally.

Before I headed out this evening I’d achieved a grand total of just under 1,000 steps. As it is Juneathon I thought that I’d better push myself to reach my Daily Step goal. So I headed out and I walked…  but my legs were playing havoc with me today. In the end I decided to sit down on a bench. And that’s when it happened.

I spotted him walk past.
And then he started “circling”.
Finally he approached me.
Apparently I looked like a Lady of the Night. Or at least enough like one to get a rather indecent proposal thrown my way. The poor man looked very pained when I said that I didn’t do that sort of thing. In fact he looked very pained indeed.

I wish I could say that this was a unique experience for me. But it isn’t. I can only think that it’s because I’m a woman who goes for a walk by herself. Ever since I’ve been a teenager I’ve loved walking. When I used to head out into the hills you’d often see men wandering along by themselves, but seldom any women. I’ve never really had any hassle. Even tonight there wasn’t any hassle, the man was just perplexed as to why I would be sitting on a bench by myself if I wasn’t trying to turn a trick.

I wasn’t worried by the man. But I was a little annoyed. I was only sitting down. Outside Poundland. In one of Swansea’s busiest streets!
So I headed for a pint to relax.
Which turned into quite a few pints because I was enjoying myself in the pub. So Juneathon, I blame you for my less than stellar attitude towards being healthy tonight.



Swansea City Centre



Relaxing in a pub

An Indecent Proposal Day: Stretching to “Human” by Rag and Bone man, a walk
Steps Taken: 6,167
Difficulty: Easy


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