Juneathon 2017, Day 7 – I Accept


Today I decided that instead of going for a walk I’d do some Yoga for Juneathon. I’ve completed a few of the “Yoga with Adriene” Youtube videos in the past and have enjoyed them. Although not enough to actually do any yoga outside of either Janathon or Juneathon.
Today I thought I’d challenge myself a little bit more than before by choosing a video that didn’t have “extreme beginner” or “complete novice” in the title. “Yoga Camp Day 1 – I Accept“, a 30 minute long session, sounded like just the job for my poor aching body. All this walking is making my knees a bit painful. Not too bad, but enough that I thought that it might be good to give them a rest today. It isn’t just Juneathon, I have managed to double my average daily step count in the last month or so. (Yippee!)

Another reason my body was aching this morning is because I’ve been trying to sew myself a new summery top. One which involves shirring. You basically get some elastic and sew rows and rows of it along your fabric so that it makes a pretty ruching effect. I’ve never tried it before and thought that I’d give it a go. But when I say “rows and rows”… oh, it’s awful! I’ve spent hours sewing these stupid rows so far. There are 30 in total. The sad thing is that I’ve only completed the front; I’ve still got to do the same on the back. And sitting in a chair sewing for hours can really make your body seize up. There’s one thing that I have as a consolation: I’m getting a lot faster as I go along, so with the back I should be able to just zip along. Hmm, yeah… right.


Why is nothing ever plain sailing?
I’d chosen the video I was going to watch, but had forgotten about the fact that my computer speakers were still packed in a box somewhere. I normally just wander around, listening with my wireless headphones. But that isn’t really an option when you’re attempting to do the world’s most ungainly downward facing dog. They don’t seem to like me much when my head is at ridiculous angles.
But that gave me the kick up the backside that I needed to find my speakers and plug them all in. By the time I’d found the correct box and lugged everything around the house I had reached my daily step goal. So, a session of yoga has helped me to reach my 3,000 steps and have one less box to trip over in the future.

And then on to the Yoga.
That was fantastic.
Fantastic because it was incredibly energising and the stretches were amazing. And also fantastic because of how easy it was. When I’d tried videos previously I’d enjoyed them. But everything was such a struggle. Just getting down on to the floor was a struggle. Yes, today I was hampered by my size. My stomach gets in the way all too often, as do my calves, and yes, my breasts. But bar the physical impossibilities of certain movements I was able to do everything. Except for one thing: lie flat on my back. I’ve never been able to without seizing up and then flailing about in agony trying to un-stick myself from the floor. Don’t ask me why. I’m just special I guess. When everyone else is relaxing at the end of a session I’m there, legs stuck up in the air trying not to grimace too much.

I’m going to add another Yippee! in, just so that this post ends on the happy note that I feel from today’s exercising.

“I Accept” Day: 30 minutes of Yoga
Daily Step Count: 3,153 (and counting)
Difficulty Level: Easy


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