Juneathon 2017, Day 9 – Nothing Much

For the last hour I’ve been trying to push myself to do some extra exercise for Juneathon. But it just isn’t happening. I’m utterly worn out. If I find that I’ve left my dumbbells in my bedroom I will try to do a few lifts from my bed, but that’s it.

So, today I’ve pottered about a bit and then headed to Swansea’s Grand Theatre to watch my nephew perform a Grease inspired medley with the rest of his year from his Primary school. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but there were also another 5 schools performing their own songs and dance routines. I’ve never been so glad in all my life that my niece needed to go to the toilet desperately. I was beginning to flip mentally. Heading out of the theatre and to the toilets was so lovely. I just wish that it had been a longer walk.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it was an amazing experience for the children to get to perform on stage like that. I also enjoyed most of the performances. It was all just a little bit too much for me today, that’s all.


Waiting for the stars to emerge

Nothing Much Day: Walk to Swansea Grand and back
Steps Taken: 8,160 (I think roughly 1,000 of those “steps” were triggered by my clapping though :/ )
Difficulty level: Intermediate


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